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About the WebBrewery

The WebBrewery is a system for creating web pages. It is powerful, complex and can make your life easy. It can also cause nervous breakdowns, if you expect it to save the effort to learn the techniques required to create good web pages. You will not get along without knowing HTML and at least the very basics of Make and Perl.

I use the WebBrewery to create my own web pages. I do this because I found no other tool, which fitted my vision of web pages. Since the results seem to be of some quality, several people asked me, if they could use my tools. That's the reason why you can read this. I decided to make a public release of the WebBrewery for all the people, who are tired of WYSYWIG, who know what they are doing, when creating webpages, and who just want to get rid of the annoying aspects of webpage creation.

Technically the WebBrewery is a collection of Perl-Scripts, controlled by a central Makefile. These scripts collect the information you provide by some raw HTML source files and some more control text files. They generate all the data your webserver needs to show your pages to the world. The tedious tasks, like making sure that links work and are consistent, are done by the scripts. You can concentrate on writing nice HTML-code expressing the ideas, thoughts, knowledge, etc. you want to publish on your webserver.

The Author

My name is Cornelius Schumacher. I started to develop the WebBrewery for my own homepage. Currently I work at the ATLAS project, a big high-energy physics experiment taking place at CERN at Genf. This is, by the way, the place where the world wide web was invented. The Heidelberg web pages of ATLAS are one application of the WebBrewery.

There are some other projects I work on and some other web pages I have created. You will find all of these, if you look at the web. If you would like to contact me send an e-mail.

I hope, the WebBrewery can be of help for you. Have some fun with it!

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