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WebBrewery Setup


You will need Perl and GNU-Make. You will also need an editor to edit your HTML source files. Any text editor will do it, but an editor, which helps with special symbols like <,>,ä,ß or ©, which require a special representation in HTML will make your life more convenient.


Unzip and extract the archive to a location you are comfortable with. Then set the environment variable WEBBREWERYDIR to this location, preferably in your .bashrc. That's all.

Setting up a new project

Go to the base directory of the WebBrewery. This should be $WEBBREWERYDIR. Then call the command

./startbrewery <projectname> <projectdir>.

Choose the project name and directory name as you like. This will create you a template of your new project in the project directory. Start from these files and modify and extend them.

To specify some directories and files the brewery uses, e.g. the output directory, edit the Makefile in the project directory. Another file you might want to edit is brew.conf, also located in the project directory. It contains some settings to customize the creation of your web pages.

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