The WebBrewery
Don't like the logo above? Ok, it's no logo, it's a placeholder. If you have a quiet hour and nothing else to do, why not draw a logo for the WebBrewery? All contributions are appreciated.

What's the WebBrewery?

You write the code for your web pages by hand? But you also want to have a consistent look, navigation elements, management of links and more?

Then the WebBrewery is for you. It helps you to "brew" your web pages. You provide the ingredients and the WebBrewery takes care of the actual generation of the pages. The results are pretty, consistent and easy to maintain. And you retain complete control over the HTML code.


You will find the complete documentation of the WebBrewery on these pages. They are generated by the WebBrewery. The source files to build all this are part of the distribution. They are a good example of how to use the WebBrewery.

  • Introduction: What you have to know first.
  • Setup: How to setup the WebBrewery and how to start a new project.
  • Data Organisation: Where are the files you need and where you have to put new files.
  • Reference: All the details about how to write your web pages with the WebBrewery.


Have a look at the Sitemap to get an overview of all information present on this web site. And for some background information about the WebBrewery and its author see the About... page.

SourceForge Logo The WebBrewery is hosted by Sourceforge. Go there for download, message boards, reporting bugs and CVS.