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The Content File

This is the central configuration file defining the overall structure of the web site. A list of source file and the hierarchy used for organising them is contained in this file.

Each line of the content file contains an entry specifying one web page. It has the form:

>>-filename pagename

filename is the name of the source file of the web page. It has to include the path relative to the source file directory but does not include the source and HTML extension.

pagename is the name of the page that appears in the title tag and in the output generated by CONTENT and SITEMAP symbols. It may contain white spaces.

If the content file line begins with one or more > characters it means that the corresponding page is a subpage on the level given by the number of > characters. This information is used when processing CONTENT and SITEMAP symbols.

Between > characters and the filename there may be present one - character. If it is present, the page is created but not included in the content output. But it is used for sitemap output and links in the navigation bar.

A line beginning with a # character is treated as comment and not processed. White spaces between the different parts of the content file entries can be used for formatting.

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